Garments by procedure

Recommended After Surgery

  Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)
  Brazilian Butt Lift
  Breast Surgery
  Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)
  Liposculpture (Suction Lipectomy)
  Liposuction ("fat modeling")
  Lower Body Lift
  Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

Garments by style


Recommended by:

Plastic surgery Doctors

  Abdominal Binders
  Abdominal Control
  Accessories Post Surgical
  Arm Compression Garments
  Boy Short Shapewear
  Brazilian Butt Lift Garments
  Capri Girdles
  Covered Up Shapewear
  Full Body Compression Garments
  Girdles w/Bras
  Girdles w/o hooks & zipper
  Girdles w/Open Derriere
  Girdles w/Sleeves
  Girdles w/Zipper
  High Back Support Girdles
  Girdles with Hooks
  Knee Length Shapewear
  Lateral closure
  Liposuction of the Thighs
  Liposuction of the Upper Arms
  Maternity Control Shapers
  Men’s Compression Garments
  Pant Compression Garments
  Postpartum Control Shapers
  Post Surgical Bras
  Shapewear soft derriere
  Strapless Girdles
  U-Shaped Back Shapewear
  Wide Straps Girdles

Garments by control


Recommended by:

Plastic surgery Doctors

  Extra Firm Control Garments
  Extra Strong Control Garments
  Strong control Garments


Medical Garments is a specialized store in surgical garments worn following liposuction, Brazillian Butt Lift, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Garments, Abdominal Binders, Abdominal Control, Arm Compression Garments, Bariatric Garments, breast augmentation, breast reduction, facelift, and more of 1st and 2nd stage healing garments for virtually any type of plastic surgery.


Description: BraS NOT included. Post surgical boyshort girdle. Especially for surgical procedures. e.g - Cosmetic surgeries. Post-operative and postpartum use. Reduces inches in waist and abdomen. Removes liquids due to high compression. Reduces hips and legs. Lifts buttocks and enhances bust. Abdomen control, back support, lower tummy support. High back with lifts bust. Extra strong compression powernet. Recommended: Daily use, post-lipo, post-partum, tummy tuck, shaping girdle. Boyshort derriere enhancer laced design. Reduces and maintains the firmness on your waist line. Corrects and helps your posture. Many women wear this garment on a daily basis to tone and instantly reduce cm's on their waist, hips and legs while in use. Open  convenient for bathroom use


Characteristics: The girdles are design especially for cosmetic surgery, several references, sizes and especial measures are made. Frontal Zipper, inside eyelet hooks closure. Braless high back wide straps.  Liposculpture Girdle elaborated in powernet. Derriere enhancer. hypoallergenic cotton lining. Super high compression controls waist line, Abdomen, & Hips. Helps reduce backaches. Abdomen control, back support, lower tummy support. COLOR: Nude


Recommended: Daily use •After surgery, use immediately. •Always keep hydrated. •When inflammation decreases, reduce one girdles size. •Remove all the surgical soap before girdles use.hand wash, do not dry, and do not twist.  •Do not bleach. •Do not leave in soaking. •Do not iron.

PRICE: $120.00
Discount $25.00
You Pay $95.00


  Abdominal Binders Endermologie Girdles w/Zipper Men's Compression Garments
  Abdominal Control Extra Firm Control Garments  Gynecomastia control girdles Pant Compression Girdles
  Accessories Post Surgical Extra Strong Control Garments High Back Support Girdles Postpartum Control Girdles
  Arm Compression Girdles Full Body Control Girdles Knee Length Girdles Post Surgical Bras
  Boy Short Girdles Girdles soft derriere Liposculpture Girdles Strapless Girdles
  Brazilian Butt Lift Girdles Girdles w/Bras Liposuction Girdles Strong Control Girdles
  Capri Girdles Girdles with Hooks Liposuction of the Thighs Girdles U-Shaped Back Girdles
  Covered Up Girdles Girdles w/Open Derriere Liposuction of the Upper Arms Girdles Wide Straps Girdles
  C-Section Girdles Girdles w/Sleeves Maternity Control Shapers